residential concrete

driveways, pads, patios, porches, walkways

A small investment can go a long way! 

B&A Davies Paving & Construction Inc. can assist you with design and make available options within your budget and residential needs.

Whether you are renovating, building or even selling your home, curb appeal is an important aspect which enhances the outcome of your homes potential. We offer a wide variety of services from asphalt and concrete to sod and top soil.   

investing in your business

Residential asphalt

driveways, pathways, approaches, patching



parking lots, pathways, roadways, patching

Its a known fact that a great image and reputation attracts consumers. 

Whether its providing a safe walkway, a parking lot free of pot holes or erosion and decay to an eye appealing store front. 

We have the experience and expertise to give your business the appearance it deserves!!


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decorative surround, walkways, curbs

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Paving, concrete, excavation and restoration in London and southwestern ontario

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